my iphone SE (2020) was almost a flip phone, broke in two places, still-functioning. my exs codependent best friend too was in the show in RJ, the place between a kart court and a cheap bar. some guy asked my shoe size, kind of mockingly.

chaplin was born in minas gerais

late at night, was walking in an empty supermarket, opened two biscuits, in the corner I saw a man wearing all black, in his face the Ghostface killer's mask. i run and wake up

thoughts(dot)page had a reply system

my immediate boss is praising nymphomaniac: vol. II at the work desk. big T. asks if anyone knows how to stop receiving VoIP calls in brazil, because its the 4x this week some actor calls him – long calls – to ask about harry potter – it's good for networking, but also sucks. too much time

was being cancelled. also sang in a karaoke, my mouth touching the mic. went up a inclined street wearing yellow raincoats, me and her, in the end I asked gently, one more time, please we have to stop to keep in touch. it's not doing me any good.

her again

Lena Headey and I, sparring fights like they do in action movies, but we are on Florestinha

the singer ella marija lani yelich-o'Connor on the hall of my apartment building, she's wearing all red like the concert, but natural brown hair. Talking about the seasons and I have to explain to her that the 38th president – the one she cursed on her newsletter – ended the daylight saving time, known here as Summer Time

trying to piss, cannot. hurts. then I a Scolopendridae comes out of my urethra

sleep paralysis like a genjutsu. instead of kai, try to wiggle your big toe or scream

she's leaving home. my sister is moving out, sold her bed in anticipation. Both to gather funds and also to prevent herself from changing her mind. or somebody else try. Her room feels empty, like when she had to move the furniture around the leak and infiltration, last summer. My father screams with anger, she responds on the same level. I intervene with very little patience for her complains, do you know how was to live here, being me? and I ask where r u gonna sleep now, huh?

on a Stella Donelly concert, a flooding flock of sheep instead of white birds all around. and old colleague from school messes with the organization of my books. he's a doctor now.

playing tibia. a game that, remember, i do not play since 2006 or 07. was all there: runes, chubby demons, killing hydras searching for BOH's (boots of haste)

on jacuí st, a hotel. 150 bucks if you can convince a customer to check-out with you. no one tells what this means, like what the job really consists of. I try to call 101 – can't see the no disturb sign if you don't knock – and am answered like a guest. Give up.

that one time I was still working on the lab. I, sleeping on the college library after lunch, trying to read Borges after lunch and falling asleep on the desk – the short story about someone who cannot wake up, or about someone who dreams other timelines – and when I go back to the lab, my coworker is distressed. Slept on the little room beside our lab. Had sleep paralysis. Hallucinating that she could not get out of the room – every time she opened the door, she was back – she could see her back, laying, sleeping

very few times I dreamed of the author's voice. like my conscience was being described in his prose style. Piglia diaries and A.O. Scott's criticism. Hesses' Steppenwolf, the only fiction I remember. More recently Joshua Cohen (essays). Not a single one in my native lang

they had finally called. it was my first day on the new job, grey cubicles and old white PCs all around me. like a cheap version of severance

on a futsal hardcourt, surrounded by tall cement benches making a stair, I run and my team loses. I walk up and get to a bookstore, stacks and stacks of old tomes, the covers on the old Editora Itatiaia style. There are also some toner printing boxes that I bring down and place again, kind of badly. Hang the H6 collar around my neck and go back running to the court, my team coming back to play. On the side I talk to a friend about CS classes, and as I wake up, I send him a message

hello dream world